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  • Timetable 2011-2012
Universidade do Minho
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Schedules and assessments

The schedules for the lecture course modules will commence on Monday 17th October 2011 and end the week beginning Monday 5th December 2011. All modules run on a 3 hour lecture basis per week, except where indicated.
All assessments will be completed within the semester (defined above) for those modules with continual assessment or within January 2012 for those modules with a final exam paper. Details of assessments will be given by the lecturers of the individual modules.



All courses will be held at the University of Porto, except where indicated.
#Some lectures may be given via videoconference: course lecturers will give further details.
*General Relativity will commence on the 24th of October and will run on a 4h weekly basis, ending on the 30th of November 2011.
†These courses will all be based at the University of Aveiro.
FC1 – Matemática (Campo Alegre).