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The MAP-fis doctoral degree provides excellent preparation for an academic career, for advanced research and development in industry, or for independent entrepreneurial ventures. The doctoral programme is aimed at developing its students into mature researchers, able to make original scientific contributions that have both practical significance and a rigorous theoretical grounding.

Doctoral students in the MAP-fis undertake individual research in Physics under the direct supervision of an academic expert in their field. They can also undertake additional activities to develop teaching skills by working as teaching assistants in undergraduate courses. A graduate MAP-fis student will be highly qualified and well positioned to pursue a successful academic career in national and international institutions.

The research activities of the academic staff supporting the doctoral programme include wide-ranging collaborative work with leading universities in this country and abroad. A number of students will have the opportunity to carry out their research work in the context of this collaborative work, effectively working together with the research and development teams of our scientific partners.

The policy of the three MAP Universities is to promote knowledge and technology transfer for innovation, not only through our established partners, but also by encouraging the post-graduate student to move on to an independent entrepreneurial activity, ideally taking advantage of the highly specialised know-how built up in doctoral research activities. This is supported by the first year module in Entrepreneurship.