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The MAP Doctoral Program in Physics is organized within the Bologna scheme (3rd cycle) and corresponds to 180 units in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). It comprises a first curricular year (starting in the january and divided in two semesters) featuring four curricular units(Advanced topics in physics I and II, Essay, and Entrepreneurship) totalling 42 ECTS, and a research component with an equivalent of 138 ECTS.

The core of MAP-fis is the Doctoral thesis. Students are expected to carry out a research project, under the supervision of MAP-fis staff (Professors and/or Researchers), and produce original research, of publication quality. In addtion to the thesis MAP-fis has curricular part with four units:

  • Advanced Physics Topics I (18 ECTS)
A set of modular advanced courses,  tailored to the needs of each student. They take the form of lecture courses or reading assigments. Goes from January to end of April
  • Essay (12 ECTS)
A supervised and critical literature research, leading to an written  essay on a topic of interest to the future research in the thesis. The essay is defended in a public presentation and should present a coherent work proposal for a PhD thesis.From may to Spetember
  • Entrepeneurship (6 ECTS)
A short intensive course on Knowledge and Technology transfer, and its economic value. In the second semester, May to November, dates may vary.  
  • Advanced Physics Topics II (6 ECTS)
An assessment of student activity in terms of Conference/Workshop/School participation, seminars, oral and poster presentations, invited talks, publications for the entire period of the PhD. Evaluated prior to thesis submission. 

To register for the thesis students must have completed APT I  and the Essay. That usually takes place towards the end of the first year.  

A detailed description of  the courses and Essay themes that were available for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 edition are available in this site

 2013-2014 Course Edition.

2014-2015 Course Edition.

 MAP universities have agreed upon a general model, in which the curricular part is taught entirely in one of the institutions, rotating each year between Minho, Aveiro and Porto.

The 2015-2016 edition  of the curricular part 
will take place at the Braga at the University
of Minho.

Each student will receive individual guidance from a director of studies, who will advise on a suitable thesis supervisor and possibly a co-supervisor.

Thesis submission and defence follow standard international practice. A student will be awarded a doctorate degree, in the form of a joint PhD degree by the Universities of Minho, Aveiro and Porto if the thesis is judged to represent an original contribution to the knowledge in the chosen area of study.

In addition, the student can simultaneously be awarded a doctorate/PhD degree by a foreign university, in the case of the thesis being co-tutored following an agreement between the MAP universities and the foreign institution.