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  • Map-fis Conference 2015
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Map-Fis Conference 2015

The annual MAP-Fis PhD Research Conference will take place on

Friday, June 26th in the Physics Department at University of Minho.Campus de Gualtar, U Minho

From 9h00 to 18h30 Auditório da Escola de Ciências.

All MAP-fis students currently engaged in thesis work are required to participate in the Workshop. This is an opportunity to present some key results of your PhD thesis work in the form of a short talk or poster to the MAP-Fis community.

First year students, while not required to present a communication, will benefit greatly from attendance of this event. We also encourage the attendance of all the staff involved in MAP-fis  (supervisors, co-supervisors,  Scientific Committee, lecturers, etc.).



Florbela Martins,  fmartins@fc.up.pt

Tel: +351 220402 393

Departamento de Física e Astronomia

Faculdade de Ciências Universidade do Porto

R. Campo Alegre, s/n

4150-Porto Portugal