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Essay 2023-24

Important dates

Deadline for submission: April 30
Essay presentations: May 31
Page for submission: to be announced

Essay Guidelines.

The Scientific Council of MAP-fis has issued this  document clarifying the objectives of the essay and the form of your written report.

Essay Topics

Topic Student Tutor
Emergence of novel properties at the interfaces in oxide heterostructures and superlattices Alexandre Silva Luis Silvino Alves Marques
Towards high efficiency flexible CIGS solar cells: light management and passivation strategies. Andrés David Pardo Perdomo
Machine learning anomaly detection techniques for the search of new signals at LHC with ATLAS experiment Annalisa Berti Nuno Castro, Rute Pedro
Naturally Layered Ruddlesden-Popper Ferroelectrics towards Energy Efficient Materials António Cesário Armandina Lima Lopes
Biofunctional Cyclic Dipeptide Nanofibers for Energy Harvesting and Nonlinear Optical Conversion Daniela Santos Bernardo Almeida
Spatially and temporally modulated active patch for skin cancer treatment Diana Bogas Clarisse Marta de Oliveira Ribeiro
Dusty Atmospheric Rivers: relationship between intense transport of water vapour and aerosols in the Iberian Peninsula Diogo Luís Carla Maria dos Santos Gama da Silva; Irina Gorodetskaya-
Bootstrap and Holographic CFTs Filipe Serrano Vasco Gonçalves
Insect-Brain Inspired Neuromorphic Nanophotonic Devices João Duarte Gonçalves Azevedo Michael Scott Belsley
Hybrid optical fiber sensors interfaced with interfaced with micro/nano fabrication technologies: towards a multisensing platform João Pedro Fidalgo Santos Marta Sofia dos Anjos Ferreira
Non-linear optical response João Pinho João Manuel Viana Parente Lopes
Properties of topological matter lacking translational invariance João Santos Silva Eduardo Filipe Vieira de Castro

José Pedro Mota Valente Ferreira Miguel Zilhão
Extreme mass ratio inspirals around non-Kerr compact objects Manuel Mariano Carlos Alberto Ruivo Herdeiro
Gravitational echoes from primordial phase transitions Marco Finetti Antonio Morais
Impactos das alterações climáticas na formação de Cold Air Pools na Região Demarcada do Douro Marta Sofia Tavares Teixeira David João da Silva Carvalho; João Carlos Andrade Santos; António Graça
Solving the Hubble tension with nonmininallly coupled f(R) theories of gravity Miguel Barroso Varela Orfeu Bertolami
Study of the magnetic and vibrational properties of NdFeO3 Muhammad Aasim Name: Dr. Estelina Lora Silva , Prof. Dr. Joaquim Agostinho Moreira
Development of polarimetric remote sensing technique for road condition inquiry and fast probing Nazar Romanyshyn José Carlos Viana Gomes
Remediação ambiental Paulo Tchimbumbuanjila Boano Senentxu Lanceros-Méndez
Accretion patterns from exotic compact objects Pedro Passos Héctor Raúl Olivares Sánchez
Combined local probe technique and ab-initio calculation on layered Perovskites Pedro Sousa João Pedro Esteves Araújo
Understanding anomalies in liquid water with upconversion thermometry Ramon da Silva Raposo Filho Luís António Ferreira Martins Dias Carlos
Coding the Cosmos, Searching for Superstrings Ricarda Heilemann Carlos Martins
A multi-point bootstrap approach to Quantum Field Theory Ricardo Almeida Rodrigues Miguel Costa
Superconductivity in quasiperiodic moiré materials Ricardo Oliveira Eduardo V. Castro

Advanced Photoelectrodes in Photoelectrochemical Cells for Solar Water Splitting and Green Hydrogen Generation Sofia Mendonça Gonçalves Arlete Ondina Alves da Silva Apolinário
Deep-Learning Classification and Parameter Inference of Rotational Core-Collapse Supernovae Solange Nunes Professor António Joaquim Onofre Abreu Ribeiro Gonçalves
Classification of glitches in gravitational-wave detectors using Deep Learning techniques Tiago Fernandes Antonio Onofre
Versatile Neuromorphic Frameworks for Optical Computing Vicente Vieira Rocha Nuno Miguel Azevedo Silva
Light and Ultralight Dark Matter: exploring novel synergies between particle physics, strong gravity and cosmology Vinícius Luiz Barbosa Oliveira António de Aguiar e Pestana de Morais