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Reasons for a Joint Program

Recognizing that it is vital to promote excellence in Physics research and teaching especially at the post graduate level, the three MAP Universities, Minho, Aveiro and Porto, have created an ambitious joint Doctoral Programme in Physics.

The three MAP Physics Departments share a strong belief that Physics can provide significant contributions towards solving many of the highly complex scientific and technological challenges that arise in today's world. These challenges include both fundamental Physics problems as well as the application of physical insight to develop new technologies. Their resolution demands professionals with a solid background in the foundations and methodologies of pure and applied physics, capable of independent and innovative scientific research. We aim to train people who are able to contribute to the evolution of technology and broaden its’ spectrum, in both academic and industrial environments.

The MAP Universities possess both the human resources and technological infrastructure to carry out this goal. Several members of the MAP Physics departments lead competitive research projects of international significance. The MAP universities benefit from extensive research and teaching collaborations with leading universities both in Europe and around the globe. Front-line research is currently carried out in fields ranging from the nanosciences to high energy physics, from sub-atomic particles to black holes, from ultra-fast optical phenomena to medical physics and meteorology.