Minho Aveiro Porto
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Universidade do Minho
Universidade de Aveiro
Universidade do Porto
Applications for admission of the 2022-23 edition 
expected open until october 26 (third and last call).

Program Activities start: October 10, 2022.


MAP-fis is the joint doctoral program in Physics of Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Aveiro and Universidade do Porto (MAP)

MAP-fis constitutes a unified effort to prepare highly qualified human resources in Physics and an effort to strengthen research in this area in these universities. It is supported by an academic staff of more than 130 faculty members, whose research and development activities cover a wide range of topics, ranging from theoretical and fundamental aspects to the experimental and applied areas of Physics and comprehend wide-ranging collaborative work with leading Universities and Research Institutions in this country and abroad.

MAP-fis was set up to target both national and international student candidates and is designed for excellence and competitiveness at the international level. The PhD program aims to prepare selected students for leadership in research and development careers in industry, academia and independent entrepreneurial initiatives.