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As of 2020-21, The curricular part of MAP-fis comprises 4 curricular units, all in the first semester, from September to March

  • Advanced Physics Topics  (12 ECTS)

A set of modular advanced courses,  tailored to the needs of each student. They take the form of lecture courses or reading assignments.

Students are required to attend  4 different modules,  chosen from a set covering several branches of applied and theoretical physics. All modules will be taught by lecturers from MAP universities and leading scientists from abroad. Some modules may take the form of supervised reading assignments. The evaluation in ATP I modules may take the form of an examination and/or written  essay or oral presentation.

Graduate students are encouraged to take some credits in topics not directly related to their field of study.

  • Essay (12 ECTS)

A supervised and critical literature research, leading to an written  essay on a topic of interest to the future research in the thesis. The essay is defended in a public presentation and should present a coherent work proposal for a PhD thesis.

A list of themes proposed by MAP-fis staff are presented to students, who may also suggest their essay theme, provided they find an endorser that accepts to supervise the suggested theme. Within the context of the Essay,  the student is expected to prepare an extensive review of the state-of-the-art in the area of what will possibly be the theme of the doctoral thesis. A written essay and an  oral presentation constitute the  assessment in this module. All 1st year essays will be presented together at one of the MAP universities.

  • Entrepeneurship (3 ECTS)

A short intensive course on Knowledge and Technology transfer, and its economic value. In the second semester, May to November, dates may vary. 

The Entrepreneurship course is aimed at providing the students with the approach and skills involved in the transfer of knowledge and technology. The significant weight of this component is justified by the growing importance and demand of such skills to anyone holding a doctorate degree in physics, and by the need to demystify the role played by scientists and researchers in today’s society.

  • Communication in Science(3 ECTS)

A practical course, with the aim to develop the communication skills, written and oral of the students.

To register for the thesis students must have completed APT I  and the Essay.

Detailed descriptions of  the courses and Essay themes in previous years are available in this site. Check the corresponding tabs in the main menu.