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  • Black Holes
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Curricular Unit

Advanced Physics Topics 1


Black Holes (BH)


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Professor/Researcher in charge

Carlos Herdeiro, U. Aveiro,

Summary of Contents

This is an introductory course on black hole physics coverning the Schwarzschid, Reissner-Nordstrom and Kerr black holes, their physical and mathematical properties and the laws of black hole mechanics. The course assumes basic knowledge of General Relativity and will end with an overview of current research directions in black hole physics. "

Black holes are thought to play a central role in various astrophysical processes. Moreover, over the last three decades, the study of black hole solutions, their classical and quantum properties and their interactions, has become an increasingly central topic in high energy physics and mathematical/physics models.
This course will cover fundamental concepts in black hole physics, discussing in detail the basic black hole solutions of general relativity and providing a flavour of current research directions.

Course topics:

1) Schwarzschild black holes

2) Reissner-Nordstrom black holes

3) Kerr black holes

4) Definition of conserved quantities (charge and angular momentum)

5) Laws of black hole mechanics

6) Overview of current research directions in black hole physics

Basic knowledge of General Relativity will be assumed. "