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  • Introduction to Gauge/Gravity Duality
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Curricular Unit

Advanced Physics Topics 1


Introduction to Gauge/Gravity Duality (IGGD)


Tutorial: Reading and Study assignment

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Professor/Researcher in charge

Miguel Costa and João Penedones , U. Porto

Summary of Contents

The course in based on a set of online lectures of Perimeter institute, which will be attended by the students and professors in charge, complemented by discussions and problem sessions. The topics are:

Lecture 1 - Large-N Gage Theories and Matrix Models
Lecture 2 - Applications of Matrix Models: 2D Quantum Gravity, Ising Models on Random Surfaces, the Vandermonde Determinant & the Method of Orthogonal Polynomials
Lecture 3 - Introduction to Holographic Duality: Weinberg-Witten Theorem, RG Flow and Universality, The Holographic Principle
Lecture 4 - The AdS/CFT Correspondence: Motivation, Preliminary Dictionary, Matching of Degrees of Freedom
Lecture 5 - Extending the Holographic Dictionary; AdS/CFT and the Decoupling Argument
Lecture 6 - AdS/CFT: Matching Symmetries; Perturbing the Correspondence; Scalar Fields on AdS Spacetimes
Lecture 7 - Solving the Scalar Wave Equation on AdS: Scaling on the Boundary; Real-time Issues
Lecture 8 - What can we learn from bulk solutions? Deformation and Response; Linear Response Theory
Lecture 9 - Holography at Finite Temperature: Black Holes
Lecture 10 - Holography at Finite Density; How to use Holography Responsibly; Non-Fermi Liquids
Lecture 11 - Saddle-point Approximation to Matrix Models; Path Integrals, World-line Formalism and Wilson Loops
Lecture 12 - Path Ordered Exponentials; Wilson Lines; Wilson Loops and the Potential Between Static Point-like Charges
Lecture 13 - The Haar Measure; Lattice Gauge Theory and Wilson Loops at Strong Coupling; RG Analysis of the QCD 'String' Tension at Weak Coupling
Lecture 14 - Holographic Wilson Loops; N=4 Super-Yang-Mills via Dimensional Reduction; Supersymmetric Wilson Loops

Lecture 15 - Supersymmetric Wilson Loops, Catalan Numbers and Matrix Models


Problems solved and presented by the students during the course.