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  • Introduction to String Theory
Universidade do Minho
Universidade de Aveiro
Universidade do Porto

Curricular Unit

Advanced Physics Topics 1


Introduction to String Theory (IST)


Tutorial: Reading and Study assignment

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Professor/Researcher in charge

Miguel Costa and João Penedones , U. Porto

Summary of Contents

The course in based on a set of online lectures of Perimeter institute, which will be attended by the students and professors in charge, complemented by discussions and problem sessions. The topics are:

Lecture 1 - Review of Relativity, Light cone coordinates, Compactification
Lecture 2 - Orbifolds, Nonrelativistic sting, Relativistic point particle
Lecture 3 - Relativistic strings, Nambu-Goto action
Lecture 4 - Boundary conditions: D-branes, Static gauge, String in rest, Transverse velocity
Lecture 5 - String parametrization, equations of classical motion and constraints
Lecture 6 - Symmetries and conserved momentum and Lorentz charges. general gauges.
Lecture 7 - Equations of motion for free open strings, light-cone solutions, Virasoro operators.
Lecture 8 - Light cone fields, Point particle quantization
Lecture 9 - Quantization of point particle in light cone gauge, Momentum and Lorentz generators
Lecture 10 - Quantization of an open string I
Lecture 11 - Quantization of an open string II: critical dimension, tachyon, Maxwell field
Lecture 12 - Quantization of a closed string; Virasoro operators, graviton, dilaton
Lecture 13 - Strings on R^1/Z_2 orbifold. Action for fermionic strings.
Lecture 14 - Quantizing superstrings: NS and R sectors, Spacetime fermions.
Lecture 15 - Overview of superstring theories, D-branes


Problems solved and presented by the students during the course.