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Entrepreneurship Practice: New Venture Creation

Lecturer: Dr. Sérgio Costa INESCTEC

Course Summary

Many startups fail because they elaborate sophisticated business plans ‘behind the desk’, but don’t validate their ideas early on with real-life customers. By using state-of-the-art frameworks in the field (e.g. Business Model Canvas, Customer Development), this course provides a practical introduction to developing technological ideas into new business ventures. The emphasis is on experiential learning, by ‘getting out of the building’ to gather real customer and marketplace feedback, and by regularly presenting and discussing in class the emerging venture’s business model.


1. Introduction

2. Business Models and Customer Development

3. Value Proposition

4. Customers Segments

5. Channels

6. Customer Relationships and Demand Creation

7. Revenue Model

8. Partners

9. Resources, Activities and Cost Structure

10. Operating Plan and Financial Model


The evaluation is based on:

- Weekly presentations of the business model building blocks – 8 presentations (1 point each, total of 8 points)

- Participation in classes (2 points)

- On-line records of progress (4 points)

- Final report and presentation (6 points)

Student approval requires final evaluation from 10 to 20.


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