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Essay 2014-15

Important dates

Deadline for submission: September 10.
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Essay presentations: September 25th in 

Departamento de Física

Escola de Ciências da Universidade do Minho

Campus de Gualtar

4710 - 057 Braga

Essay Guidelines.

The Scientific Council of MAP-fis has issued this  document clarifying the objectives of the essay and the form of your written report.

List of Proposed Essay Topics for 2014-2015

  1. Enhancing photovoltaic cells performance through anti-reflective and emitting layers, Maria Rute A.S. Ferreira André.

  2. Search for vector-like quarks using data collected at the run-2 of the LHC, Nuno Castro

  3. Energy efficient Solid State Magnetic Refrigerators Towards a better environment, João Ventura e André Pereira

  4. Interacting elementary excitations and electromagnon driven optical properties in magnetoelectric La-doped BiFeO3, Joaquim Agostinho Moreira e Teresa Tranchete

  5. Interaction of dark energy and dark matter to Standard Model States, Orfeu Bertolami

  6. The Boltzmann equation in alternative theories of gravity: f(R), Orfeu Bertolami

  7. Femtomagnetism: manipulation of magnetisation on the femtosecond timescale, David Schmool/Helder Crespo.

  8. Functional Nanomaterials: Multilayer Protective Coatings based on Metal Nitrides, João Pedro Araújo

  9. Entanglement as a Condensed Matter Tool, João Lopes dos Santos,

  10. Nanostructures with giant magnetocaloric and magnetostrictive effects: production, optimization and applications on multifunctional devices, João Pedro Araújo

  11. Photonics and plasmonics in mesoscale systems: towards a non-equilibrium description, Ariel Guerreiro