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Essay 2016-17

Important dates

Deadline for submission: November 15.
Submission now available
Essay presentations: November 24  in 
Departamento de Física,
Universidade do Minho

Page for submission: http://dfa.fc.up.pt/ensino/doutoramentos/map-fis/map-fis-essays-2016-17

Essay Guidelines.

The Scientific Council of MAP-fis has issued this  document clarifying the objectives of the essay and the form of your written report.

List of Proposed Essay Topics for 2016-2017

  1. Optoelectronic characterization of chalcogenide solar cell and 2D materials, Sascha Sadewasser, Pedro Alpuim, U Minho

  2. Measuring neural activity using bio-compatible nano-electronics, Joao Oliveira Ventura & Paulo Castro Aguiar, U Porto

  3. Large scale synchronization of spin torque oscillators via electrical mutual synchronization. João Oliveira Ventura (U Porto), Ricardo Ferreira (INL)

  4. Impact of structure on dynamics in directed networks, Alexander Goltsev

  5. Influence of fluctuating potentials in the optical properties of solar cells based on chalcogenides, Joaquim Fernando Monteiro de Carvalho Pratas Leitão; Pedro Manuel Parracho Salomé

  6. Nano-designed LSPR thin films using GLAD in reactive magnetron sputtering, for optical sensing, José Filipe Vilela Vaz / Joel Borges

  7. Astrophysical Phenomenology of non-Kerr black holes, Carlos A. R. Herdeiro/ Eugen Radu

  8. Search for CP violation in ttH production, António Onofre

  9. Coding the Cosmos, Carlos Martins,

  10. Study of new interactions of the top quark with LHC data, Nuno Castro,

  11. Search for vector-like quarks at the ATLAS experiment, Nuno Castro

  12. Modified Gravitation Theories and their Observational Impact, Jorge Tiago Almeida Páramos

  13. Fabrication of Optofluidic Systems by Femtosecond Laser Micromachining, Paulo Vicente da Silva Marques,

  14. Monolithic sensors fabricated by femtosecond laser micromachining for lab-on-a-chip applications, Paulo Vicente da Silva Marques

  15. Novel Ferroelectric Oxides for Photovoltaic Devices - Towards Environmentally Friendly Solar Cells Based on Thin Films Oxides with Narrow Band Gap, Fábio Gabriel Nazário Figueiras