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  • Essay Topics 2020-21
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Essay 2020-21

Important dates

Deadline for submission: March 19.
Essay presentations: March 26 in 
Departamento de Física
Universidade do Minho
Page for submission: to be announced

Essay Guidelines.

The Scientific Council of MAP-fis has issued this  document clarifying the objectives of the essay and the form of your written report.

More detailed descriptions of these essay topics are in this  pdf document

Assigned Topics

1.Optimizing models of hybrid quantum/classical computation

Student : Filipa Cavaco Reis Peres (filipa.cavaco.peres@gmail.com)

Supervisor: Ernesto Fagundes Galvão (Ernesto.Galvao@inl.int)

2.Black hole shadows, the Kerr hypothesis and fundamental physics

Student : Ivo Arcanjo Jorge Bene Sengo (ivoabs@gmail.com)

Supervisor: Carlos Herdeiro (herdeiro@ua.pt)

3. Astrophysical and Local Tests of the Einstein Equivalence Principle

Student : João Freitas Dias (joaofreitasdias2@gmail.com ; up210506549@fc.up.pt)

Supervisor: Carlos Martins (e-mail: carlos.martins@astro.up.pt)

4. Collider, neutrino and dark relics of Grand Unification with Deep Learning

Student: João Pedro Pino Gonçalves (jpedropino@ua.pt)

Supervisors: António P. Morais (aapmorais@ua.pt);

5. Causality in Lorentzian CFTs

Student: João Miguel Araújo Vilas Boas(joaovb@fc.up.pt) Supervisors: Miguel Sousa Costa (miguelc@fc.up.pt );

6. Investigation of quantum effects in the energy and charge transport in photosynthesis systems by means of quantum simulations

Student: José Diogo da Costa Guimarães (id9367@alunos.uminho.pt)

Supervisor: Mikhail Igorevich Vasilevskiy (mikhail@fisica.uminho.pt);

7. Controlling hidden quantum phases towards dynamical multiferroicity through nonlinear phononics

Student: Mariana Melo Nogueira Rosa Gomes (up201402744@fc.up.pt)

Supervisor: Joaquim Agostinho Moreira (jamoreir@fc.up.pt);

8.Searching for dark matter with the ATLAS detector using unconventional signatures

Student: Maura Gabriela Barros Teixeira (maura.barros@cern.ch)

Supervisor: Nuno Filipe da Silva Fernandes de Castro (nuno.castro@fisica.uminho.pt);

9. Design of Ruddlesden Popper layered structures for efficient energy materials

Student: Ricardo Manuel Alves Pacheco Moreira (ricardopachecomoreira@gmail.com)

Supervisor: João Pedro Esteves de Araújo (jearaujo@fc.up.pt);

10. Multifunctional magnetic nanostructures for cancer theragnosis

Student: Sofia Caspani (sofixsofi@gmail.com)

Supervisor: Célia Tavares de Sousa (celiasousa@fc.up.pt)

11. Towards ultrafast and ultra-compact lasers: uncovering ultrashort pulse generation mechanisms in semiconductor lasers with novel characterization approaches.

Student: Tiago dos Santos Gomes (gomes98tiago@gmail.com)

Supervisor: Helder Manuel Paiva de Rebelo Cerejo Crespo (hcrespo@fc.up.pt);