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Essay 2022-23

Important dates

Deadline for submission: April 14.
Essay presentations: April 28 in 


Essay Guidelines.

The Scientific Council of MAP-fis has issued this  document clarifying the objectives of the essay and the form of your written report.

Assigned Topics for 2022-23

  • Exploring the conformal bootstrap at higher points, Bruno Fernandes
  • Nanoprinted light cage interfaced with optical fiber: a platform for sensing applications, Diana Sofia Antunes Pereira
  • Theory and modelling of two-dimensional materials and hybrid structures for nanophotonics, Diogo Filipe Pinto Cunha
  • Color centers in diamond for neuronal signaling studies,João Paulo Silva
  • Astrophysical tests of gravitational physics, Ilaria Andrei
  • Galaxies Rotation Curve and Dark Matter in the Context of Non-Minimal Coupled Theories of Gravity, Luı́s Felipe M. A. M. Reis
  • Improving wind energy forecasting with innovative physics-informed machine learning approaches, Nuno Manuel Rocha Monteiro
  • Reconstructing the AdS spacetime, Renato Gomes Ferreira Souza
  • Future Climate Wildfire Modelling using the Atmosphere-Fire coupled model WRF-SFIRE under different Landscape management scenarios,  Ricardo Jorge Santos Vaz
  • Synergistic effect between photothermal and radiotherapy using plasmonic nanoparticles as photo-absorbing agents and radiosensitizers (SYNPhoRad) towards higher-efficiency colorectal cancer treatments, Sara Freitas
  • Electrochemical sensors based on hybrid nanostructures for water monitoring, Tiago Alexandre Peres Moura