Minho Aveiro Porto
  • First year of studies
Universidade do Minho
Universidade de Aveiro
Universidade do Porto

Physics aims at studying and understanding Nature at its most fundamental level, from both a theoretical and an experimental perspective. For the last three hundred years, Physics has provided mankind with unparalleled scientific knowledge and technological abilities, with the related engineering endeavours resulting in enormous economic and social impact.

Awarding a PhD degree within the MAP-fis Doctoral Program requires both the development of a scientifically informed professional attitude and the presentation of an original and significant contribution in the field.

The programme is structured to train students as scientists and researchers possessing well-developed all-round knowledge in Physics, in-depth knowledge in a specialized area, as well as research and communication skills.

With all this in mind, the first year of studies is organised as follows:

1st Semester

Advanced topics in physics I (18 ECTS): 6 modules chosen from a comprehensive set of topics.

Essay (12 ECTS): Including oral presentation.

2nd Semester

Advanced topics in physics II (6 ECTS): Designed for each student to cover particular research background needs, by participating in an advanced school or meeting within her/his field of expertise.

Entrepreneurship (6 ECTS): Two modules lectured by the Oporto Business School (EGP), who has extensive experience in advanced graduate Business Studies.