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MAP-fis Fees

The annual tuition fee is 2750€ per academic year for a full time student. FCT and Research Centers PhD  grants include the program tuition  fees, payed directly to the institution.

If you applied to an FCT grant, the Universities of Minho, Aveiro and Porto do not require payment of fees while you wait for the results of your grant applications. If your application is unsuccessful, you have the option to cancel your registration in MAP-fis, with no cost to you. If is is successful, FCT will pay your fees directly to the University where you registered.

If you are financing yourself, it is usually possible to pay the annual fees in installments. You should contact the academic services of the University you registered for more information.

Applications in 2024-25 are managed bu University of Minho, but if admitted you are encouraged to register in the University where you expect your thesis work to occur.

Research Grants / Scholarships

Currently there are two ways you can apply for PhD grants funded by the Portuguese Government through Fundação da Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT):

  • FCT national callthis year's is closed on april \8. New call expected beginning of 2025.
  • Grants awarded by Research centers. These announcements are published in the EURAXESS careers portal:

There are no preset dates for these announcements. The MAP-fis research centers   may at any date announce PhD grants for prospective MAP-fis Sudents;

I3N - Aveiro

CICECO - Aveiro


.CFUM-UP -  Minho and Porto

IFIMUP-IN - Porto.

Although accumulation of grants is obviously not allowed, MAP-fis applicants are encouraged to to apply to these alternative possibilities of financing.

FCT applications require indication of a supervisor and of a detailed work plan. Contact us if you need assistance concerning this matter. You may also contact directly researchers in the MAP-fis research centers to inquire about their interest in your collaboration.