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Applications  for 2023-2024 Edition 

(third Call), open for October 9 to 27

Activities start: October 2023
MAP-fis is accepting applications for the 2023-24 edition until 27th of October. .

What is a PhD?

A PhD is a research degree. In short, it is expected that by the end of the PhD you will be an expert in your particular area of research.

In Physics, a PhD can open many future career opportunities, particularly at Research Laboratories, at Universities, at companies with a strong technological output and in the service sector such as banks and consulting companies. Depending on the specific theme of research you will master advanced experimental, computational and analytic techniques, providing strong and powerful tools to develop your career.

What is MAP-fis?

In the MAP-fis PhD programme you will find an active environment, provided by three major Portuguese Universities and 6 top class Research Centers,  to learn how to do world class research. About 280 PhD professors or researchers work in the Physics Departments and  Research Centers associated with MAP-fis,  and have at their disposal impressive and state-of-the-art computing and laboratory infrastructures.

You will be guided by your advisors, but you are also expected to be pro-active, self-motivated and hard working in order to become an expert in your area of research. This is fundamental for you to be able to innovate and to make original contributions, therefore deserving the award of the PhD degree.