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  • Courses 2013-2014
Universidade do Minho
Universidade de Aveiro
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MAP-fis Courses: 2013-214

Advanced Topics in Physics I

This curricular unit is composed of several modules, chosen from the ones listed below.

Each student must attend a total of six modules. He will be examined in three of those.

Timetables will be arranged after students choices are known. Classes are expected to start by January 19 and be finished by April 11; Modules take usually 5/6 weeks with 3/4 contact hours per week.

  1. Experimental techniques of nanomaterials (ETN), Martin Andritschky, U. Minho;

  2. Experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics, Antonio Onofre, Juan Antonio Aguilar –Saavedra,, Nuno Castro U. Minho;

  3. Correlations Effects in Low-Dimensional Materials and Systems (CELDM), Jose Carmelo, U. Minho

  4. Computational Physics (CP), Antonio Luis Ferreira, Manuel Barroso, U. Aveiro, Carla Rosa, U. Porto.

  5. Black Holes, Carlos Herdeiro, U. Aveiro,

  6. Lasers, optics and photonics (LOP), Mario Ferreira, U. Aveiro,

  7. Electron microscopy and techniques for the production of materials (EMTPM), Florinda Costa/Augusto Barros Lopes U. Aveiro

  8. Nanomagnetism (NM), Vitor Amaral, U. Aveiro.

  9. Spectroscopic techniques for the characterization of materials (STCM), Luis Carlos U. Aveiro

  10. Clean Room and Micro-fabrication (CRMF), João Oliveira Ventura (U. Porto)

  11. Dark Energy, Dark Matter & Gravity (DEDMG), Orfeu Bertolami & Jorge Páramos, U. Porto;

  12. Introduction to String Theory (IST), Miguel Costa and João Penedones , U. Porto.

  13. Introduction to Gauge/Gravity Duality (IGGD), Miguel Costa and João Penedones , U. Porto.

  14. Boundary Conformal Field Theory (BCFT), Miguel Costa and João Penedones , U. Porto.